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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 21, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. the instinct was to get out. get out and get as far as can you. >> surviving a massacre. two bay area teenagers are among those caught up in the chaos. as the community of aurora, colorado still tries to cope with yesterday's mass shooting. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and right now an emotional scene is
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taking place in aurora, colorado, where 12 people were killed yesterday and that is also where dozens more were injured. meantime the investigation into that killing has entered a new phase tonight. authorities in aurora, colorado said all major threats from the apartment. suspected shooter, james holmes, have been eliminated. >> a bomb squad diffused several explosives in the booby- trapped apartment. explosives expects tock out a tripwire that was set to trigger an explosion if someone opened a door. in the meantime, a memorial for the victims of the shooting grew today with people bringing flowers and candles to an area across the street from the movie theater. we now want to tell you about two sisters from the north bay who came frightening close when the bullets became to fly in that movie theater. >> reporter:
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some that the memorial in aurora, colorado had to physically hold each other up. one 17-year-old told us he lost two friends. >> just hearing that phone call, that two of your friends got shot is just devastating news to me. >> it's completely surreal. >> reporter: sisters melia and linnea schurig were in theater 8, along the wall that separated them from theater 9 where a gunman opened fire on the theater. but then a fragment of a bullet fired through a wall hit a friend in the arm one row behind him. >> the instinct was to get out and when we got out, it was bigger. people were yelling there is a shooter. >> reporter: the sisters escaped unhurt and have rejoined their mother and friends at an annual convention for a group who dedicate to help young people who stutter.
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but as they watched the grief gripping this part of colorado, the schurigs know how lucky they are. >> if it can gone different ways we could have been one of the 126789 we were just really lucky and feel that the tragedy is the ones that weren't as lucky. >> those two sisters told eric who their friend who was shot was released from the hospital today. eric rasmussen reporting for us tonight from aurora, colorado. pt want to show you a picture of shooting suspect james holmes with his hair dyed red. it was posted on the site tmz. the site said the picture was posted on a sex website. police say holmes received numerous deliverries of ammunition to his apartment the past few months and say the four guns used in yesterday's shooting were all bought at stores in the denver area in the last two months.
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aurora police released all of the names of the people killed in the mass shooting. they are include 24-year-old jessica ghawi, a sports blogger who survived another shooting just six weeks ago at a mall in toronto. 1-year-old alexander boik or a.j. was planning on going to college in the fall. 27-year-old petty officer john larimer was a cryptologic tech slab for the navy. jesse childress was a staff sergeant for the air force. matt mcquinn is also among the dead, the youngest victim 6-year-old developer caw moser-sullivan was at the movie with her mother, who was critically injured. gordon cowden was the oldest person killed. he was 51 years old. doctors say it will be difficult for the patients moving forward as they begin to try to come to terms with the tragedy. >> most of the patients are
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starting to realize what really went on the so day 2 is a pivotal day for them, in beginning their recovery process. they had some stress and nightmares, so we're working with them and the staff is coming together. so i think it's a whole community here trying to heal and start to heal. >> 30 victims remain hospitalized. 11 of them are in critical condition. the white house announced late today that president obama plans to fly to colorado tomorrow. mr. obama is expected to visit with the shooting victims and their families. aides say the visit will include meetings with state and local officials. during his weekly address today the president said the shooting is a tragic reminder of how precious life is. >> if there is anything to take away from this tragedy it's a reminder that life is fragile. our time here is limited and its precious and what matters in the end are not the small and trivial things that so often consume our lives, but it's how we choose to treat one another and love one another. it's what we do -- .
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>> monday the scheduled to be here in the bay area for a fundraiser at oakland's fox theater. be sure to go to for more coverage of the shooting in colorado. there you will find additional photos and videos and the latest on the victims, just look for the tab on our homepage. here at home a 5-year-old girl is now the latest victim of gun violence in oakland. ktvu's noelle walker was first at the crime scene and joins us live outside of children's hospital with latest. >> reporter: ken, the girl's parents are still here at the hospital and they tell us their daughter is in the intense care unit with a bullet lodged in her neck. >> a car rolled by and shot my baby. >> reporter: it's hard for rhonda davis to believe an afternoon walk with her 5-year-old daughter to get ice cream on a hot summer day ended like this. crime scene tape and shell casings on the road. it was a drive-by shooting at
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2:40 this afternoon at the corner of 50m and bancroft in east oakland. people in the neighborhood say they heard rapid gunfire and a car speeding away. police believe that the intended target was walking just ahead of the little girl who was shot in the neck. the shooting happened right in front of fire station 18. in an instance firefighters went from witnesses to rescuers. >> almost hard to put words to it. it's horrible. beautiful little girl who was out enjoying the nice weather on a walk and innocently was hit and it's very sad to see. that is why we rush and work as hard as we can get get her to the hospital and get her fixed. >> reporter: she is listed in serious, but guarded condition tonight. >> you are hurting innocent babies. you guys are hurting babies. come on now, where is all the
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love at for our babys? this is our future. >> reporter: now police are still looking for the suspects. they were seen trying away in an older model lexus, maybe an es model. they also want to talk to the perp that they believe was the intended target. reporting live in oakland, noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are searching for a gunman in a shooting last night that injured at least one person. officers say shots were fired just before:00 at 68th and laird. police have not knot released information by the victim's condition. >> it's important to feel that community sense like we're together. >> taking action of coming up in eight minutes what dozens of people did to promote peace mid surging violence in oakland. san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the filmore district that sent a teenager to the hospital. police say the shooting happened near filmore. officers say the victim was shot in the upper body. a preliminary investigation suggests that the victim was being chased down the street by
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another teenager when he was shot. witnesses say a friend of the victim pulled out a gun and started to chase the suspect, who fled on foot. no word tonight on the victim's condition and police have not released any suspect information. a 6m envelope filled with some sort of white powder showed up at a bay area police department, this time in san francisco. it happened about 120:45 at northern police station on filmore. a police spokesperson says a police service aides going going through the morning mail discovered it. >> asa precautionn we cleared out the station and they determined it was nontoxic. the investigation is ongoing. >> hazmat teams gave the all-clear around around 11:30. yesterday five east bay police departments got envelopes in the mail also
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containing nontoxic white powder. a special memorial service was held today in concord to remember fallen heroes. the contra costa county fire protection district heldd a ceremony today. a memorial lists the names of the 16 members of the fire district who have died in the line of duty since 1969. five years ago today that captain matt burton and fire engineer scott desmond died battling a house fire in unincorporated san pablo. they were killed trying to save two elderly people who also died in that blaze. this week governor brown and secretary salazar are to unveil plans to direct water. the $23379 .7 proposal calls to a new
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system to divert the water. opponents say the new system would harm the already fragile delta, its fishres and increase cost for water users. life will never be the same and we'll miss you for the rest of our lives. >> remembering a bay area couple killed in a plane crash. the lasting impression that the two left not on their their friends, but the entire community. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are returning to the bay area and whoa is hosting their events and how much it costs to attend? >> a daring feat, the way these daredevils are supporting athletes. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. a motorcyclist was killed in san francisco this morning anyway head-on collision. police say the accident happened on cesar chavez street near pennsylvania street around 9:15. investigators say the motorcyclist was heading eastbound when he collided with a van going westbound. the motorcycle rider died at the scene. his name has not been released. the van's driver stopped and is cooperating with police. an overflow crowd turned out to honor a prominent east bay come up who died in a plane
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crash. john sasaki tells us why peter and mona branagh had such impact in the community. >> reporter: the sanctuary the danville's presbyterian church was filled with people who came to say goodbye to a beloved couple. >> you left us too soon. life will never be the same and we'll misses r you for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: 59-year-old peter and 57-year- old mona branagh died last week in a plane crash in utah. >> peter and mona were a team and they dated in high school and college and got married shortly after. >> reporter: he was a developer and bank director. she an interior designer. they were parents to threw grown children, matt, mike and kathleen. >> my dad had such a compassion and enthusiasm for life. he loved his work. he loved skiing. he loved flying. >> she always wanted to take time to spend time with her. nothing made mona happier than
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nice bowl of oatmeal. >> they meant a whole lot to a lot of people. businesswise, churchwise, communitywise, they had had a lot of integrity and a lot of people loved them a lot. >> he did not work to become wealthy, but to use resources to love god. >> reporter: the branaghs died in a plane crash. one of their naturally curious grandchildren asked how they got to heaven and now believes that they flew there. capitola police say a man and woman are behind bars in a drug bust behind macy's. a security camera caught the couple using drugs in a truck in the mace y's parking lot. the couple were taken into custody. investigators say they found heroin and meth, inside that
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truck. fire officials say a hayward woman escaped an early morning fire that completely gutted her home on hill avenue near vermont street this morning. firefighters say she may have left a pan on the stove. she was able to get outunhurt. dozens of people hopped on their bikes today to honor the family of a toddler killed last year in an oakland shoot-out. cyclists geared up at lake merritt for the ride for peace bike ride, honoring the parents of the 23-month-old boy hiram lawrence, jr. >> i live in east oakland and wanted to do something for the summer and i came out here because treasimportant to feel that community sense, you know? like we're together on this. >> after the ride, the group planted a tree in honor of her yam. oakland mayor jean quan also
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attended event. it was organized by the nonprofit bicycle shop in west oakland called bikes for life. fire crews say that a fire in yolo county is now threatening several homes. the fire is burning near guinda west of interstate 505. so far 550 acres have burned. tonight crews from the marin county strike team are fighting the fire. right now the fire is only 15% contained. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is scheduled to visit the bayer tomorrow. first stop a $50,000 luncheon at the home of tom seibel" and finally a $50,000 a plate dinner at the san francisco home of shaklee chairman and ceo roger barnett. >> tomorrow night president obama is scheduled to arrive in san francisco, but his press team says no events are
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scheduled for the evening. on monday, the president is scheduled to attend a $35,000 a plate dinner at the piedmont home of activist attorney quinn delaney and her husband real estate developer wayne jordan and also scheduled to attend an event at the fox theater. well, it was a first-ever in san diego. the city's gay pride parade takes a big step in military history. media mogul rupert murdoch makes a big announcement. the role he is giving up in his media empire. triple-digit heat across the bay area and the timing of another cooling trend showing up on the long-range weather maps.
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. the support is incredible. there were loud cheers and own a few tears today as active duty members of
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the armed forces marched in military dress at the san diego gay pride parade. today's event was a first time that the defense department has permitted military members to wear their uniforms to a gay pride event. one marine sergeant, who did two tours in iraq said today's event is a welcome opportunity for gay and lesbian service members to stand up and be counted. in news of the world tonight, in syria fierce fighting today as rebels fought troops lowell to the assad regime. it was the first sustained clashes in the commercial hundred. remembers have made major moves in damascus including a bombing that killed four high-level government officials. for the first time rebels seized control of several border crosses along turkey and iraq. in london the olympic torch is making the rounds in the city. by the time it reaches the
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stadium for the opening ceremonies this friday it will have traveled,000 miles and been carried by 8,000 people over 70 days. and lift-off. >> and in japan this morning a successful launch of an h-2b rocket and cargo vessel for the international space station. it contains essentials for the crew. it is also carrying a water tank for feeding fish and a device for releasing small satellites into space. the cargo velocity is vessel is scheduled to reach the international space station next week. media mogul rupert murdoch is stepping down. a media spokesman says murdoch stepped down from some smaller boards, but those boards are not named. news corp. announced it intends to separate into two entities. one that consists of the newspaper and print holdings
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and the other its telephone and film businesses the us in corp. is the parent company of fox news. we have breaking news out of oakland to tell you about. a chp officer was shot during a traffic stop -- shot at during a traffic stop. we have a crew on the way and working to give you a live report. we'll be right back.
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. we're learning more tonight about what was inside that booby-trapped apartment where the colorado shooting suspect lived including improvised explosive device. our team coverages continues with craig boswell live in aurora, colorado. >> reporter: ken, good evening to you. all of those improvised explosive device and hazardous materials all of it removed from james holmes' apartment and taken out to a remote site where it will either by burned
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or blown up, detonated. now investigators have gotten need, response teams -- evidence response teams to look at that evidence, which is key encouraging for the neighbors that can come back to their homes. investigators in there because they really spent 30 hours or more just dismantling a myriad of booby traps that were meant to kill. investigators give off a series of audible warnings before setting off a detonation inside the third floor apartment of mass shooting suspect james holmes. bomb technicians removed ieds and other materials and accuse james holme of a calculating and deliberate murder spree even saying that the murder theater attack was just the beginning survivors continue to tell chilling stories of how
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they stayed alive. >> he said pierce, pierce, i'm shot. i said i am too, stay down. >> reporter: and who helped me? >> josh helped me protect my wife and he got shot. >> reporter: the memorial across from the theater where 1 people were killed as a grieving community and faves chart the path forward. >> prayer, faith, loving one another, being there for one another, stopping the hatred. >> reporter: there is crime scene tape around the apartment where james holmes lived. holmes is in solitary confinement. he is expected in court on monday morning. live in aurora, colorado craig boswell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the woman who lives in the apartment just below shooting suspect james holmes had a close call last night.
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at midnight about the time the shootings started at the theater katelyn fonzi and her boyfriend heard loud music start to play in holme's apartment. she went upstairs to complain, but no one answered. >> i put my hand on the knob and something told me it probably wasn't a good idea to go in this and i called the non- gaap emergency police phone number. >> police say if fonzi would have opened the door, it would have detonated the potentially fatal explosives inside. now that all of the explosives have been removed officials will next investigate the apartment itself and they also hope to wrap up their investigation at the movie theater by monday. tonight 30 of the shooting victims remain hospitalized and at least 11 people are still in critical condition. as we hear now from many of the survivors, the extent of the tragedy is just beginning to sink in. >> he was wearing a camouflage jacket on. he had olympic
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like a bandana covering his face and he pulled out the shotgun. i could see it clear as day and then he just opened fire on the front rows. >> fierce o'farrill had been shot twice. >> i could feel his boot and i just staid as still as i possibly could and i prayed and i prayed and he fired off a couple more rounds and then he left. >> reporter: relatives say 25-year-old ashley moser has a bullet longed in her neck. they haven't had the alert to break the tragic news that her 6-year-old daughter veronica died on the operating table, the youngest victim of the shooting rampage. >> a vibrant 6-year-old girl just bragging about learning how to swim on tuesday. >> reporter: for many survivors their emotions are as rare as they wounds. >> if just a if you
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millimeters or centimeters in, i don't think i would have left the theater. >> reporter: stephan barton was on a bike trip from massachusetts to san francisco when he was shot. >> i'm sorry he had to cope with whatever was going on in his life by doing this. >> reporter: doctors say the most gravely wounded would see their lives changed forever, a prediction that is no doubt true for anyone who survived the darkest. >> warner brothers will not report the movie totals out of respect for the victims and has canceled red carpet premieres in tomb ofo and mexico city set for next year. yesterday's planned premiere in paris was called off after the shooting. actor christian bale who plays batman in the fim said oh, words cannot express the horror that i feel. i cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved
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ones, but my heart goes out to them." for the latest information on the mass shooting you can go to and click on the area asmas ker tab. san josi police are asking for the public's help to locate a 41-year-old woman who suffers from schizophrenia and has the mental capacity of a 10-year- old. police say margaret villarreal disappeared from a group home. villarreal is latina, 5-6-feet and anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call police. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left a young man dead. investigators say they responded to a roster shots fired on nichols way near candlestick park. a man in his 20s was found with several gunshot wounds. he later died at san francisco general hospital. his name has not been released.
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a group of activists protested in front of a restaurant. the protesters marched to the chipolte restaurant in oakland. the group want them to sign an agreement that peas a penny per pound premium for tomatoes to go to the workers who harvest them. >> they have been building themselves on this image of food and integrity and they are searching local vegetables from small farms and locally raised meets, but they are leaving the rights of workers out of the issue. >> chipolte says it's committed to using ingredients with respect to animals, the environment and farmers often their website. >> they are going to great heights for a great cause. we'll tell you why 50 people
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are rappeling down this high- rise. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when temperatures are expected to dip.
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. dozens of brave people wept over the edge today in san francisco as allie rasmus tells us it was all to raise money for a great cause. >> reporter: tourists snapped photos and craned their necks to watch people rappel down the building. they each raised $1200 for the special olympics and in exchange for that, they got a unique opportunity. >> close to 400 feet is tough. >> reporter: it wooz a first time experience
10:36 pm
for san francisco deputy police chief tomioka, although she says she couldn't really appreciate the view. >> i kept my eyes closed. >> reporter: this is the view 425' above the streets of san francisco. >> you have step up next to me. >> reporter: the money raised helps northern california's more than 15,000 special olympians. >> it's just allows our athletes to compete for free in different sports. >> i'mann athlete. >> reporter: lindsey was proud of her gold medals. >> she is just a wonderful product of what special olympics can do. >> reporter: apan example of how far the $70,000 raised can go. well, a
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beautiful views across the bay area. really warm out there. right now you can see some fog developing just offshore near the immediate coast lien. this was been ramping up in coverage over the past few hours. we have very warm temperatures to talk about. these some of the 10:00 numbers. and look at that 80 degrees in livermore. that is a good sign that they were hot today and they were. livermore topped out at 100 degrees. a few triple-digits to report out towards fairfield, antioch and livermore. the hot air basically above our heads and compresses that marine layer, so as the fog forms it will set up the conditions for dense fog first thing tomorrow morning, right near the immediate coastline and a few patches could sneak into the bay. here is a look at your forecast
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lows, most areas in 50s. the setup for today, high pressure in command. as a result today temperatures peaked. tomorrow a few changes a very weak weather system moves in from the south and west. this will cool us off on average, most neighbors coming down 3-6 degrees. but cooler does not mean "cool." 95 to 97 degrees inland. here is our forecast model showing you the fog hugging the coastline and few patches into the bay, sneaking under the golden gate bridge. by 3:00 this red contour links up with the 90s. 95. we have the other extreme, coast side with the readings coming down into the 60s. a's going through the sweep with mostly sunny skies and temperatures around 76 degrees. so lots of sunshine at the
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ballpark for tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at your forecast highs, still hot towards antioch, oakland in the upper 70s. san josi 87 degrees. these temperatures will check in about 3:00. >> san francisco you will notice the seabreeze kicking in with a forecasted high of 69, but watch out for the dense fog around packa, daly city and half moon bay. here is your five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. cooling by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. you can still pick out warm numbers inland. so heather and ken, any work out important to do that before it starts heating up again. we'll have much more on the breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. a chp officer shot at during a traffic stop. our reporter has arrived on the scene and we hope to bring you a live report. the a's are on a roll, looking for a third win in a
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row against the yankees. the giants pretty hot too, facing off against the phillies in a home run derby, but who won? we'll tell you with sportswrap. coming up.
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. gong everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. formula for the gionets to win ballgames does not usuallyipvolve outslugging their opponents. that is the way they made it 2- 0 in fitch. pitcher matt cain got to cole hamels to tie the game with
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career homer no. 6 for cain. buster posey goes long ball. that is no. 12 for posey who was 4 for 5 today. but the phillies found the fences too, hamels returns the favor to cain in the bottom of the 3rd are it's the first time in ten yearses that opposing pitchers have homered in a major league game. cape took the 4-2 lead to the 6th ryan howards a drive comes with two runners on. melby prove something defense in the 7th to keep the giants close. he flat yeps out to take a het away from juan pierre. cabrera finds the seats for the third homer the day for the giants. the sixth of the day overall. they headed to the 10th tied at 1. in this game of homers it was diedf decided by a blunt.
10:44 pm
gregor blanco puts down the safety squeeze. the giants make it 7 wins in 8 games since the all-star break once more in philly tomorrow as the giants wrap up the road- trip and go for a sweep. in new york the dodger's don mattingly slapping on a little ice blue aqua velva. juan uribe had a big day today, putting a knuckleball in the seats with a runner on, 2 for 3, and dodgers win 8-5 and stay within 2.5 games of the first place giants. the oakland a's with sabathia celebrating his birthday tonight in new


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